Mining for growth, producing metals for a sustainable tomorrow.

Continuously evolving & improving our business practices, Vishwakarma Group’s multitudinal operations cater to a holistic and versatile approach towards sustainability that encompasses a variety of aspects ranging from sustainable mining practices, energy conservation, recycling, use of environment-friendly techniques and technology to the socio-economic development of the people around us and empowerment of our employees.

Pondering today for the future and abiding by the vision & mission of transforming raw resources into power and adding value to sustainable development, we at Vishwakarma Group strive to enrich the connotation of the mining industry.

Moving towards a carbon-neutral future delivering raw materials for our customers that enable the transition to electromobility, renewable energy, digitization and smart infrastructure, Vishwakarma Group has adopted a strategic approach for sustainable growth. We focus our approach on four pillars: health, safety, environment, and community and human rights and our persistent endeavour on excellent execution and innovative design is what has made us the first choice of many pre-eminent partners. Our most sought after clients depend on us to deliver them world-class assets including copper and gold concentrators, industrial water supply systems, iron ore and dolomite bulk materials handling facilities, refineries, aluminium smelters and phosphate plants. By keeping our customer’s goals as our top priority, we help achieve operational and performance excellence to help build a better tomorrow.


Iron Ore